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Dish Size Is Changing How We Eat


Get All Dish Sizes...

Our first step is to size all dishes: Plates, Bowls, Cups, Glasses, Snack containers. If you will know the size of your dish you will be able to change how you eat. This will affect your portion size.

Get All Utensil Sizes ...

Our second step will be to size all the utensils. When you change your utensils you will change how fast you eat. This will affect your bite size and the rate you consume food.

Get Prepackaged Food Sizes ...

Eating food out of package directly? You will need to know what portion size the package is.

Our Goals

Food Caloric Density Mark Data:

Create a comprehensive listing of Caloric Density and their CDM (Caloric Density Mark) values.

Nutritional Density of Foods:

Help our customers transition from eating right to eating smart.

Raise Awareness of Eating Righ and Smart

Develop and promote the importance of right portion size throughout the lifespan.

We Care About Your Health...

How Dish Size Concept started?

For years I have struggled with feeding myself and my family. How much is enough food for a five year old, 12 year old, a young adult or an elderly person? What foods should we eat? Should I measure food? I could measure but the box of cereal for example gives me 2 choices of size? Everyone person is different. All guidelines are one size fits all. I knew portion size was the key to the solution. Years later I faced my own weight challenges and my family. I had to come up with a solution that would work for us at home. I did. But when we left home we still had to struggle with evergrowing portions. Thus I knew I had to come up with an idea that would change how we eat everything and everywhere.

This is a life changing task. This is a huge comittment. I am looking to get the information available to every person out there. I will need help with this project from everyone. I appreciate your support in this venture. I want to measure and post the size of every dish, every plate, every spoon and utensil. I want to measure the portion size of every snack or meal that you can get of the shelf. To win this battle of the bulge one person can't do it alone. Together we can change the world for the better.

Danuta Highet


Who Can Help...

Everyone. You can help us by sending us the information we request in Get My Free Size assessment.



    Send us your dish information. We will use it to determine the size of your dish. Follow instuctions on the free-size page.



    Restaurants, Cafeterias, Schools, Manufacturers

    You can send us the contact person at your company to give us the information we need. It does not matter if you make 100 dishes or millions. We want to provide this information for anyone who is using your dishware.


    Prepackaged Food Companies

    We need to get few pieces of information about the food you sell in packages that are meant to be eaten directly out of the package.