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Help us size up all dishes!


Dish Sizes™ Matter to you and your health...

What is the Dish Size™the Dish you use Today?

What you don't know may hurt you. The dishes you are using are impacting how much food you are serving and ultimatily how much food you consume. The simplest action you will ever take in helping you manage your weight is to measure your current dishes and find out what size they are. Once you know you can take action to effortlessly change how you eat. Our book tells you why and how the dishes impact your eating.

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Check to see if the Dish Size™ of your dishes is listed already. Popular Dish Sizes

  • If it's not listed you can help us measure your dishes and we will add them to our database. Follow directions below:
  • First, select the plate, bowl or cup you want to measure.
  • Then measure it and fill in this form to find out how your dishes compare to the Standard Dish Sizes™ .
  • You will receive your Standard Dish Size™ through email.


How do I find the size of my dish?

 Round Dish: Using a ruler, measure the widest section of the top of your dish (inches from edge to edge).

 Square Dish: Using a ruler, measure the side of the top of your dish (inches from edge to edge).

Rectanguar Dish: Using a ruler, measure each side of the top of your dish (inches from edge to edge). For example: 5 inch long by 4 inch wide.


How do I find the volume of my dish?

 Using a measuring cup with 10-th ounce markings, fill up the dish with water. How much water did you put in before it starts to spill out (in ounces)?

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Standard Dish Sizes™ is a patent pending sizing system.

The Standard Dish Sizes™ are provided to you for personal use only. You are not permitted to use or provide via electronic or printed materials the Standard Dish Sizes™ for any commercial or non-comercial purposes without a written agreement from Foqus, Inc.

Having diffculty measuring the dishes?

Please send us an e-mail if you need additional assistance measuring your dishes.

Don't have a cup with 10-th of an ounce markings.

Fill the dish with a one ounce measuring conatiner. Once you get to the point that one ounce will not fit, use a spoon to measure smaller amounts. Send us the detailed information and we will do the conversion.

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Can I Measure Dish Size with metric units?

Absolutely, the more accurate the measurement the better. If you can measure the volume in mililiters and the overall dimensions in millimeters, that would be great too. Just specify in your email which units was your measurement done in.